Studs/Sprigs up rule


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Aug 29, 2010
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Honestly this makes me laugh, the same people complaining about this are likely the same ones complaining when we punish people for the result of a high bump (more if concussed etc). All it takes is for someone to quickly turn around after realising they are under the ball and boom studs in the face. Surely we can all agree we don't want to see that? Let's get that action out of the game...easy
Don't speak for other people. It's a terrible rule with no place in the game. May aswell say the same about knees when marking

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Apr 12, 2010
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That the umpire cited the "studs up" rule kind of misses the point as to why this COULD be a free kick.

Not saying this one was bad enough, but I can see a situation where the feet go in an opponent's back NOT to get a ride, but merely to push them in the back and out of the contest. In that case, there really is no great skill of a speccy on display; it's just pushing someone in the back, aka cheating.

It's not something we really see a lot of, but it is possible that players would start doing it, and I defy anyone to tell me it would be a good look for the game.

Don't know how you'd define the difference between a genuine speccy and a push in the back with the feet. Perhaps if your other foot is on the ground at the time it's deemed a push rather than an attempt to mark? At least if both feet go in (like this case) there is a level of skill required to maintain some baggage and still take the ball.

Dec 29, 2003
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Toby Greene was just playing kickboxing or karate, and if the umpire did his damn job and blew the whistle and called him for the free kick for push out-high contact (+ dangerous contact), the umpires post-match review no freekin way would have scored him down. It WAS and ambiguous* 50-50 call.

*eh blackcat ya self-talking schizophrenic thirdperson muppet: if it is 50-50 &ambiguous how does one assert "freekin umpire NOT doing his job?"

Well the umpire needed to be prescient with support of precedent he could create★

★ofcourse there are prolly ~±4dozen ambiguous calls in 50/50margin that could have driven IRONCLAD precedent, if the game's stewards had foresight and acuity. They didn't, but the umpire with aid of Toby Greene would leave the game susceptible to the succour-moms[sic] TM . Don't plagiarise it folks, I trademarked it. Goes for you too #cherf, you son, are an incorrigible plagiariser. #meds #dresden 🔥



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Oct 15, 2004
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I saw one paid the other day against a player who actually took the mark, simply because the guy placed his studs on the opposition player's butt. How's this tonight then, without marking it:

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