Summer of Cricket 2022

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 6, 2010
AFL Club
I do feel for Paine. This event was 4 years ago and his family had healed. I think its a disgrace what the media have done. The mantra of being in the public interest I don't think applies here and the media were clearly sucking this for all its worth for ratings and their own moral agenda. Imagine the pain of having your wife's character torn apart because she dared forgive you.

This is where governing sporting bodies have to take a stand. The AFL, CA and NRL let agenda driven media smash them and their players in the name of fan access way too often and alot of what is printed is often proven to be unfounded rumour or from hidden sources. I'd love to see alot of these organisations take a stand and banish some sections of media for this style of reporting. It's unnecessary and I do think the Paine issue should never ever have been reported more than a once off article. They basically smashed a guy into the ground for ratings. Some media commentators should take a good hard look at themselves.

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