Suns Board Medal 2020

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Mt Isa Mustang

Club Legend
Nov 23, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
5 Greenwood
4 Sexton
3 Anderson
2 Miller
1 Powell

We had a number of good players tonight.
Could have given votes to a couple of others as well
Really let down by our bottom 5-6 tonight

-5 Holman
-4 Harbrow
-3 Rankine
-2 Corbett
-1 Lemmens


Apr 18, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
5. Powell
4. Anderson
3. Bowes
2. Sexton
1. Miller - I thought Trelor got Collingwood going again who I think greenwood had but hard to tell as they were appeared to continually rotate opponents. Greenwood was still hard at it and quite good himself again.

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