MVP Suns Board Medal 2021

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Voting Rules


Tarkyn_24s Best Friend
Mar 14, 2014
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Roys FFC
RULES - SUNS Board Medal 2021

  • Voting will be conducted in a 5-4-3-2-1 fashion with 5 being Best on Ground.

  • Please place the Round Number at the start of you voting like this
Round 6
5 - Rowell
4 - Anderson
3 - King
2 - Swallow
1 - Brodie

  • Any games you miss and vote for later please tag me in the vote so that I see it​
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Mt Isa Mustang

Premiership Player
Nov 23, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Anderson in the top 5 favourites IMO.
Could easily see him winning.
Don’t think you can undersell the value of being able to play the whole year last year.
Seems twice the player he was at this time last year.

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