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Club Legend
Apr 14, 2015
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Dubs, AZ Cards, SF Giants
A big query on all assistant coaches moving up to the senior role is whether they do have the management skills to be a whole of club coach and can make good decisions about which things to focus on, which things to delegate, and which things to not get worked up about. Those things are very different in a football club compared to a business or somewhere else (the new Carlton chairman is a good example where previous experience leads to failing miserably in the uniqueness that is a modern professional football club).

The best senior coaches get better at these management skills but it can take time (see Hardwick and Buckley). So the big question is whether Dew can get better for next year if we can subtract 1 or 2 poor operators (and close confidants) and add some good operators who will challenge him appropriately. Tough call for the club.

A full cleanout of coaches and the footy boss seems extreme and basically accepts that the last rebuild is not working. Suspect it will be a new footy boss, a new midfield coach, and some extra spending on the soft cap.

Fair dinkum. Get real Gillon. Not spending 100% of the soft cap at a northern club is a false economy, saving 20 cents but losing a dollar. Madness.

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Jul 12, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Jumped before pushed me thinks.
Now that he has gone maybe a chance to reboot your list strategy , trade Rosa and Brodie if U can to free up main list spaces, rookie B - Bella and maybe Ned Stevens to strengthen your talls, delist Ace, Conroy, Murtagh and Towey who are just lottery tickets, replace them with delisted free agents or hungry state league players like Collins and Corbett were

The Victorian

Premiership Player
Oct 23, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Storm, Western Utd
I would be thrilled if we could get Wayne Campbell. I think he is the perfect man for the job. As you mentioned GC2015 , he was GM of Footy at the Giants over their most successful period to date and did a great job there. He also did a good job heading up the umpire department and is doing well with Sydney Uni.

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