Racing Super Coach Racing - Spring 2020

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Import Whisperer
Apr 1, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Calgary Flames, Man Utd
It's back!

Share of $50 quaddie on Sandown Classic Day to the league winner if you post your stable name in this thread before hand


iluvparis - Cats On Parade
54 Dogs - Buymeahorserichie
Balmain - I Hate Love Songs
Heath - The Slugs No 1 Fan
Tbell - Russian Hype
Selfconfsedaflnerd - Equine Excellence
Frantelle - Papa Rick
Leftyitis - Get There
Areyoufirereal - Magnolian Khan
Toxic - Toxic Racing
MJC - Nosed Out Again
Aussie Assault - Jiggers
Robby Roy - Last To First
Gaving Excell - Mellors Magic
Rank and File - Bad Seeds
Templeton The Rat - Rat Racers
Plays Tall - Cold Product
Dagz - Glue Factory
BigDog - Hello Broadcast
Hava Alle - Jerverscope
Buddy's Biggest fan - BBF
Ormond-allen - Glue Pots
Harmonic -You'd Be Laughing
mdizzle - Harped Up
Tso1967 - Tso Bigfooty
Cookiemon - Cookie Monsters


Hall of Fame

Spring 2019 - Coach Carter
Autumn 2019 - Balmain
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