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Feb 26, 2019
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SuperCoach is back for 2020 !

With the season fast approaching, SuperCoach has launched for 2020

I have started a league for BF GWS members

Classic League Code : 186668

I have started the league settings as 10 team comp as im not sure of the interest

I will be donating a prize into the competition, which ever team wins the Grand Final
will receive a signed hat from the club which i received last year, signed by the 2019 team

Players in the competition ;
Gigantic (Toe Bashers)
Determinant (The Misfits)
GWS Goose (Gaggle)
Vestal (Bandits Shadow)
Giant Strides (Burnt Ochre)
dlanod (Lions Limpers)
Orange Agent (Cranks N Cogs)
Ppollen (The Greene Giant)

Crestmount (Crestmount)
esoteric (Andtheywillknow)

Please use this thread for both league banter and for all things SuperCoach for 2020
Please inform once joined​
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