Player Sponsorship Swans board Player Sponsorship 2019 - we're wild about Harry!

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hi everyone,

After a successful 3 years of Player Sponsorship, which has seen the Swans board sponsor Callum Mills (2016), George Hewett (2017) and Gary Rohan (2018), the Swans board is now seeking expressions of interest to continue this initiative in 2019.

What we aim to do is raise enough money to purchase a Redbacks Membership (or a Double Membership if there is sufficient interest) in the name of the "Big Footy Swans Board". The Redback membership prices for 2019 are:

Single Adult (Platinum reserved seat) $1,188
Double Adult (Two Platinum reserved seats) $2,245

Our first goal will be to raise enough funds to purchase a single membership. If there is enough interest (as in 2017 and 2018), we can upgrade to a double membership.

One of the benefits of Redback membership is that there is a Player Sponsorship feature. The club has indicated that while we can nominate a player we wish to sponsor, there is no guarantee of having our preferred player assigned. We will put this up to a vote for everyone that contributes to the membership. Naturally the more high profile the player the less likely they are to be available, however we can create a shortlist to have a higher chance of being assigned one of the players. The player we do end up sponsoring will be made available at club functions to whoever attends as the board's Redback member for that event.

As you can see to the left on my profile, everyone that contributes will receive a badge with the player we sponsor and the year. Everyone that donates over $50 will receive a Big Footy Gold Membership and everyone who donates over $100 will receive a Big Footy Platinum Membership!

Benefits that come with the membership package include:

- invitations to a cocktail party
- a ticket to the Guernsey Presentation and Hall of Fame Induction Dinner,
- a ticket to a pre-match function and an after match function,
- we will also have a Platinum reserved seat/s at each home game,
- various other benefits, including an AFL Football Record at each home game and entry to one Swans away match at the MCG in the AFL Reserve.

Another feature that has been relevant in previous years is priority access to finals tickets including a guaranteed Grand Final ticket if we qualify.

All prizes will be raffled off to everyone with a share in the player sponsorship. We will split "shares" up into $25 per share and the draws are done randomly using Any money raised that doesn't go towards the membership (i.e. if we raise $2,500, the remaining $255) we'll donate to the Sydney Swans Foundation in the Board's Name to contribute to the ongoing support of the club.

Please post below or PM either me or one one of the mods - swansfan51, scaryness, Cloud_ or GotTheGoodes to either express interest or ask any questions.

If you would like to contribute, please let us know:
  • How many 'shares' you would like (1 share = $25)
  • Who you would like us to nominate as the Board's preferred sponsored player
  • Which of the above benefits you are most interested in
We need solid expressions of interest by 27 November to decide which membership package we will get this year, and we would be collecting payments shortly after that. So don't delay, reply today!

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Wayne Swan

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Sep 9, 2013
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I'm in, somehow missed the boat last year after being on board the first two years..

I reckon we should sponsor a player we are (all) calling to get games, Colin O'Riordan or Jordan Dawson would be stoked I'm sure to have us sponsor them. BTW, both of these players should become best 22 in 2019 :) If we can't get one of those two, a draftee would be nice.

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