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I posted this in another thread but it's all about Harry so I thought I'd dump a copy here.

I was a bit surprised that Cunningham's still just 25. He's been playing since he just turned 18, which is a early for the last pick in the draft (107), especially after we'd already passed 3 times. I think he must have stowed away in Horse's luggage. By comparison Towers was our first pick in that draft.

Harry had a bit of break out year in 2014 aged 20 but was found wanting as one of the lost players of the 2014 GF when our youth stayed on the bus. He was in and out of the team until he really hit his straps with a string of games last year, aged 24 and around 100 games in. That suggests to me he hasn't reached his best yet. I hope his injury doesn't hamper him.

Harry's become a really reliable player. First 6 games this year he was averaging just over 23 disposals (mostly kicks). Almost 7 marks per game too which suggests he gets to good spots. Despite mainly kicking he was running at 86% DE in his last full game with 648m gained. He's become a real weapon in the Swans arsenal. He's getting more and more of it and he doesn't waste it.

As good as he is on a wing he could be the small defender to replace Smith, who can not only hold back a Charlie Cameron or an Eddie Betts but can do some real damage on the rebound. He had 8 rebounds out of defensive 50m and gained 426m before his injury against Brisbane, suggesting he was doing some real damage on the counter attack. I think the result could have gone differently if he hadn't gone down.

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