Swans Board Player Sponsorship - looking for new co-ordinator

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hi everyone,

After a successful five years of Player Sponsorship, which has seen the Swans board sponsor Callum Mills (2016), George Hewett (2017), Gary Rohan (2018), Harry Cunningham (2019) and current Bob Skilton Medalist Jake Lloyd (2020), the time has come for me to step aside and let others continue this initiative next year and hopefully for many more years to come.

Essentially, the role involves raising enough funds from members of the board to purchase a Redbacks Membership in the name of the "Big Footy Swans Board", which has as one of its benefits a Player Sponsorship feature. Some of the other benefits that have come with the membership package in the past (at least before COVID) include:

- invitations to a cocktail party,
- a ticket to the Guernsey Presentation and Hall of Fame Induction Dinner,
- a ticket to a pre-match function and an after match function,
- a Platinum reserved seat/s at each home game,
- various other benefits, including an AFL Football Record at each home game and entry to one Swans away match at the MCG in the AFL Reserve.

The membership benefits for 2021 are still being finalised. While we are still hoping many things will return to normal next year, it is of course difficult to predict what next season will look like, due to the continuing uncertainty around COVID-19.

The Redback membership prices for 2021 are:

Single Adult (Platinum reserved seat) $1,170
Double Adult (Two Platinum reserved seats) $2,340

Currently, we have a Redback Double membership, but our first goal will be to raise enough funds to purchase a single membership. If there is enough interest, we will be able to renew our double membership. Our membership renewal is due on 31 January 2021, but we normally start collection of funds well before this, before board activity drops off after the trade and draft period. Also, we normally have to let the club know if there are any requests to change our membership by mid-November, so we usually try to ensure we have enough firm expressions of interest from contributors before this date.

As you can see to the left on my profile, everyone that contributes financially to the sponsorship receives a badge with the player we sponsor and the year. Everyone that donates over $50 will receive a Big Footy Gold Membership and everyone who donates over $100 will receive a Big Footy Platinum Membership!

Also, before this year, we have raffled off the benefits that come with the membership package to everyone with a share in the player sponsorship. In the past, we have split "shares" up into $25 per share and have allowed people to purchase up to four "shares" in the player sponsorship for $100.

If you choose to take on the role as Swans Board Player Sponsorship Co-ordinator, your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Seeking expressions of interest from potential contributors, and starting collection of funds from members,
  • Paying the membership fee before the due date (we also have the option of opting into Smart Pay and paying by monthly instalments),
  • Contacting the mods with the names of members who have contributed to the sponsorship, and how much, so that badges and BigFooty Premium privileges can be applied to their accounts,
  • Check snail mail/email for any correspondence from the club. Most communications are sent by email, but you will need to be living in Sydney to receive the membership pack when it is sent out - no PO Boxes (sorry, interstate members - I am no longer Sydney based which is the main reason I have to step aside),
  • Making sure we RSVP to club functions before the due date, to reserve our seat,
  • Doing the draws to raffle off the various benefits that come with the membership package, including reserved seats to home games (assuming crowds are allowed to return next year of course). Since it is a group of us sharing the membership, there is a special process for allowing members to attend matches - don't worry I'll still be on hand to show you what to do, but we can cross that bridge when we get there :)
  • Hold on to the physical membership card for safe keeping,
  • Be the contact person when dealing with the club.

I've gotten all this down to a fine art over the years, so there's actually not that much to do each week - the biggest responsibility is collecting funds from members, but I'll still be around to lend a hand while you're learning the ropes.

There are actually a few things I wanted to do with the sponsorship in the past but never had the time - some ideas include:

  • Competitions and giveaways during the season - perhaps one task could be convincing swansfan51 to give you the keys to his research room to come up with some Swans related trivia ;)
  • Greater engagement with the club, by using our Redback membership to establish a line of communication with the club (which we haven't really had in the past) - back when we still had a podcast, I thought we could use the player sponsorship as a way of getting guests to come on...

The most important requirement is that you have to be interested, and love the club.

Ideally I'd like to kick off the handover process in early November, to give us time to seek expressions of interest from potential contributors for next year, to decide whether there is sufficient demand to renew for another year. It's hard to say how COVID will affect contributions - in the past, many of our contributors have not been Sydney based and so have not been able to attend matches, but have been more than happy to support the club financially, despite not being able to benefit personally from the sponsorship. We may well see this again, given the effect of COVID on the club's financial position.

Feel free to post below or PM me if you have any questions, and go Bloods!


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