Past Swans past player movements

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Sep 27, 2001
Luke Parker's Bandwagon
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Liverpool, NSW
Seen him play a bit. He's looks a fair bit bigger than most of the other blokes. Solid unit still.

He's been quite good whenever I've seen him play too. Happy for him (even if it's not AFL level).
What sort of role is he playing. Judging by his stats (a goal a game plus about 6 hitouts) it’s as a key forward/second ruck?

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brad cooper

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Jul 5, 2014
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Had to remember it, the next day there was better with the replay of Leaping Leo all day , then it became blank that night.
I was on the plane back to perth at 830am the next day with about 360 wce fans. Despite wanting to throw up the whole way back i was the only one smiling.

Must admit Clarendon Street on the Saturday night was a just heaven.

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Jun 2, 2014
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The Rebel Alliance
Far out, how could he possibly think that was acceptable.
Fair enough, deserves to be sacked.

Precedent set by Triple M.
I expect the same action in the future for ALL their staff when appropriate.

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