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2nds Swans Reserves 2017

Discussion in 'Sydney' started by grimlock, Mar 14, 2017.

Put it out there
  1. Bloodied52

    Bloodied52 Premium Platinum

    May 17
    Old South Grandstand
    As explained on the Tippo thread, I always hope for the best.

    It would be wonderful if you are right but I have diminished faith in the player and think he should not be selected and is traded at years end. If he kicked 3 goals in a winning GF it would also help improve his position in the trade market.

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  2. Ralphyboy

    Ralphyboy Debutant

    May 16
    It's worth remembering the two top ups wicks and Osborne got a half each. And they are 17 year old non professional kids.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
  3. grimlock

    grimlock Hall of Famer

    Sep 01
    Luke Parker's Bandwagon
    Other Teams:
    Liverpool, NSW
    Record number of regional matches headlines 2018 NEAFL Fixture – NEAFL

    Swans games
    R1 - Giants SCG (AFL Swans v Giants)
    R2 - Lions Burpengary
    R3 - Bye
    R4 - Suns Lismore
    R5 - Aspley SCG (AFL Swans v North Melbourne)
    R6 - Giants Spotless (AFL GWS v West Coast)
    R7 - Southport SCG (AFL Swans v Fremantle)
    R8 - Lions Gabba (AFL Lions v Swans)
    R9 - Sydney Uni SCG (AFL Swans v Carlton)
    R10 - Redland Coorparoo
    R11 - Suns Metricon (AFL Suns v St Kilda)
    R12 - Bye
    R13 - Lions BISP
    R14 - Giants Wollongong
    R15 - NT Thunder TIO
    R16 - Suns SCG (AFL Swans v Suns)
    R17 - Bye
    R18 - Lions SCG (AFL Swans v Collingwood)
    R19 - Canberra Phillip Oval
    R20 - Giants Spotless (AFL GWS v Swans)
    R21 - Suns SCG (AFL Swans v Hawthorn)

    2018 games breakdown
    • Giants 4
    • Lions 4
    • Suns 4
    • Aspley 1
    • Canberra 1
    • NT Thunder 1
    • Redland 1
    • Southport 1
    • Sydney Uni 1

    2017 games breakdown
    • Giants 3
    • Lions 3
    • Suns 3
    • Canberra 2
    • NT Thunder 2
    • Sydney Uni 2
    • Aspley 1
    • Redland 1
    • Southport 1

    So they've taken away 1 game each against Canberra, NT and Uni to play the other 3 AFL clubs to create a really lopsided draw. However given the thrashings some of the non-AFL sides received at the hands of the AFL sides last year, I think both groups should be happy with that.

    Scheduling NEAFL Round 1 with AFL Round 3 means that the last week of the regular seasons of both competitions will be on the same week.

    The amazing news is that only one game is scheduled for Blacktown, but of course the weather might have something to say about that when the games come around next year. Newcastle game now in Wollongong and we also play the Suns away in Lismore.
  4. stevie26

    stevie26 Club Legend

    Mar 16
    SE Asia
    Other Teams:
    Sydney women's team
    Lopsided NEAFL fixture playing AFL reserves sides 4 times each is a great result for us and our young players' development. Would have liked a couple more games against Sydney Uni (Swans 3rds) as they will be pretty strong in 2018 IMHO.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
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  5. TheMase

    TheMase Brownlow Medallist

    Jul 01
    Other Teams:
    Sydney Swans
    I am up at Lismore now so pretty excited to get the 2's playing here!
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  6. GotTheGoodes

    GotTheGoodes Bloods

    Mar 10
    We're going to want match reports now mate. Someone's gotta keep grimlock in check.
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