2nds Swans Reserves 2019

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Apr 26, 2016
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Yeah... did not get up from his seat on the bench after re-emerging from the rooms last week and struggled to accept the well-wishes of teammates.

I’m curious to see how we go this week... particularly the back 6 who showed very little composure last time out.
From a team perspective, prefer Amartey posing a threat up forward with Menzel... the likes of MacKellar and Barkley have held their own all season until last week, when I think it was the listed guys who struggled to stay composed behind a weakened midfield.
Not a lot of positivity in the dugout last week... coaches need to address that as I feel it is declining week on week. Toppies struggling for validation in their own minds... new recruits wrestling with roles and structure... and the burden of leadership falling on too few, leaves us looking quite vulnerable with only games against the three competition front runners after this week.

Really hoping for a big bounce back in confidence more than anything... show us what ya got coaches!
I think it’s just a byproduct of our list profile at the moment. A LOT of youth and inexperience. A lot who at this stage will struggle to be more than bit-players, like Foot, Hirst, Amartey, McInerney. Even the slightly more experienced guys like Stoddart and Bell are realistically only in their second seasons themselves.

If anything it just highlights our need for some more mature bodies on our list. When Rose got his senior call-up, I felt our reserves midfield looked noticeably weaker, even though Rowbottom and Wicks did battle on valiantly. Then when Rowbottom got his call-up, the midfield got even weaker. This could be a good opportunity for Wicks to stand up in the midfield, but the point is relying on Rowbottom and then Wicks to anchor a midfield is just not sustainable.

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Jul 20, 2001
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The delivery must be fantastic in the NEAFL but bet he doesn’t miss from 12m out dead in front!
Probably right about the 12m in front. You’ve got to get the ball first though...

Delivery probably isn’t great but he should be running rings around the thunder players at this level.

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