2nds Swans Reserves 2019

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Grand Uncle Horace

Brownlow Medallist
May 24, 2017
Old South Grandstand
AFL Club
People should not misinterpret what I said above re respective teaching and leadership skills of KJ and McVeigh.

I know some tease him as McPointy, but I think he is a terrific teacher and leader. I think he will be a great

I know he's got a deal with us but I hope he spends a few years away from our mob and then replaces Horse .

he won't learn anything more staying with us in the next four years.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 20, 2001
AFL Club
Other Teams
Sydney Swans
Amartey getting plenty of ruck time.

Half time Swans 36-27

Fairly uninspiring. Clarke getting plenty of it, McVeigh, Stoddart, Fox and the late attendee Rose getting involved.

Menzel 10 touches, twice as many as last week. His effort has been better.

McLean has presented well and Foot has bobbed up from time to time. Doesn’t get enough of it but is purposeful with what he does.

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