Resource Swans to have training facility at Randwick Racecourse?

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Isaac Cumming No 1

Mar 28, 2018
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I get the logic of this as it's a suitable space, as long as the surface can be brought up to standard.

:) Reminds me how lucky (and well managed) we are with excellent facilities near Spotless in Tom Wills oval. The Olympic precinct has so many underutilised facilities and great infrastructure, it was fortunate for us the Swans never pushed hard to migrate there IMO.
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Oct 9, 2001
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About bloody time. But I await further details as what this means for the club but in terms of what upgrades are included and what the cost is to the club. I know we have been budgeting for $20 million for this project.

Our facilities at the SCG are stuck in the 1990's, can't expand any further within our current footprint at the SCG and has forced the office staff to be spread between two locations and stopped us from bidding for an AFLW licence.

Will also be good to have a real home for our NEAFL side in the Eastern Suburbs rather than having to roam across Sydney. Plus an oval for training that is full sized over summer will be welcomed.


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Jan 5, 2017
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It is interesting that the ATC already has reciprocal marketing arrangements with the SCG. The move to Randwick may also be mutually beneficial for the Swans & the ATC, for marketing, increasing their memberships, & cross promotions.

There is a shortage of GR AF ovals in the eastern suburbs, & some other parts of Sydney eg Camden, far SW Sydney, plays at Fairfax reserve, is a thriving AF Club; & plays games on Saturday at 8.30, 10.15, 12, 1.50, 3.30, & 5.30 pm.
It is pleasing it is stated that GR AF jnr games will also be played at Randwick. Could a 2nd GR oval be built there in the future?
The AFL has had discussions with the NSW govt. over AF facilities' shortages.

The ATC has 4 racecourses. The Randwick development might eventually result in some of the others also having their internal areas redeveloped for AF ovals, as AF continues to grow in Sydney.
The ATC's Rosehill Raccourse could have a similar development, which could assist GWS.

Changeroom GR facilities may also be built inside Randwick Racecourse.

At Caulfield Racecourse, SE Melb., the Council is also considering opening up the internal area of the Racecourse for GR AF. Female AF is growing very strongly in SE Melb., placing considerable demands for sufficient ovals to play & train.

Does anyone know if golf patronage is dropping considerably in Sydney?

In Sthn. Melb., Elsternwick Golf Course is being closed, due to falling demand -& approaches are being made to the Council to create additional AF Ovals.
Northcote Golf Course, inner NE Melb., patronage has also fallen sharply, & some local residents have argued it should be fully or partially closed.
AFL Victoria has recently stated an additional 90+ ovals will be needed in Melb. by 2022, to cater for the growth IN GR AF (mainly female).
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