Toast Swans to lose 4 premiership heroes and 1000+ games to retirement

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Back One Out

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Mar 2, 2015
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I hated the Swans over the past 10 years as much as any Hawthorn fan, but I always grudgingly admired the way McVeigh, Jack, Smith and Grundy went about their business. They weren't superstars of the AFL, but they were hard, tough, consistent players who were very good over a long period of time; who stood up in the big games, gave us Hawks plenty of grief and helped shape their club culture which is so respected by 17 other clubs.


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Jun 23, 2008
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Kurt Tippett's contract comes off the books at the end of the season too. Young-ish list, lots of free cap room now you'd imagine. Wonder if they'll re-load with a big offer to a star (eg. Coniglio, out of left field)? Hmm...

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