Autopsy Swans Vs Dees - AFL Round 8, 2021

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Sep 10, 2006
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We spread Richmonds defence with short kicks and keeping a structure forward of the ball , the weekend at times was old bombing slingshot with no body there at times

It was a finals like game though , tough inside and we were tackling hard
To be fair, Melbourne worked far, far harder than Richmond did defensively which makes it harder to hold structure and transition well.

Bega Barlow

Sep 26, 2008
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We were in that game up to our eyeballs. Proud of the boys. I know you shouldn’t do it but I rewatched the game and picked out what I thought were some pivotal moments that just went against us and ended up proving the difference.

Q1 McCartin Defensive mark called touched (I slowed it down and it was a clear mark) ball goes forward and McDonald kicks his first

Q2 Hunt under pressure blatantly throws the ball out to a player (Melbourne 2nd only to the dogs with their ‘flicks’) - kick goes inside 50 and Brown goals

Q2 Hickey legs Gawn (a free) everyone stops, Dees play on to advantage (massive) and Petracca goals

Q3 Dawson holding the ball on the boundary - Pickett plays on and misses - if he kicks it it’s a goal - but he misses. Ball comes back McDonald takes the shot and nails it.

Q4 McLean marks it close to goal and not paid. ( There was another but I think you could argue he didn’t quite hold it long enough)

What ifs I know — but we could have won it.

Good run of games into the bye now. St Kilda and Freo the iffy ones — but we should win at least 3 of them to go 8/4.

Go Swannies!!


Team Captain
May 25, 2016
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no argument about those discipline issues, but i'll cut some slack for wicks, and gulden, particularly gulden, who copped some ordinary 50-50 calls, and they'll be spoken to during the week, and will learn from it ...
papley needs a reminder of the team aspect of not acting like a selfish tool, play the friggin ball, play your friggin role ...
I liked seeing Wicks get aggressive. This shows for a young player he is getting more comfortable and wanting to win. His last quarter was immense. 27 pressure acts and 6 tackles for the game. So many pressure acts causing turnovers, some resulting in goals. He also held the ball inside 50 allowing the mids to structure up and get a rest.

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Feb 20, 2021
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I think he is A grade, just in a different way to what you want.

He's never going to be able to run through packs and create speed, but I think Mills is a bloody good player to build a midfield around.
Millsy’s 2 best games (Brisbane & Melb) have both been in slippery conditions and he has shown he handles those conditions well.
Looks a class above in the wet - falls back toward the pack on the better weather games it seems! (I love him tho)


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 2, 2016
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Paddles will become that A grader we need. His burst is still hampered by his knee injury, but when fit, he can be damaging.
Rowbottom hasn't had a game where he is best on field. Not saying he isn't capable but lets wait a little before pinning all our hopes and dreams on him. No harm in having a plan B, C, D & E


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Aug 16, 2006
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A few people thought I was a bit harsh on the team as we got so close to the leading team, despite losing.

I want to make this clear. I fully acknowledge that our developing team have exceeded the expectations that many had at the beginning of the year. I acknowledge that we played very well against Melbourne and could easily have clinched the win....and that's my issue.

IMO if we'd played our best we would have beaten Melbourne. Maybe my expectations are high. unlike many I did expect we'd be playing finals this year. So yes, we did well, very well, but did we do our best ? My answer is no. So we lost a game we could have won. There were a number of small things, selection errors, lapses of concentration, umpiring error, whatever. FWIW, I think we'd have romped it home on a dry MCG with that effort but we needed to play our best to win in the wet and we didn't.

Most of the little errors are fixable, and I hope Horse replays the tape several times so players really understand what they could have done better. If we could pick up our game by even two goals/game we'd be almost a shoe in for a place in the GF.

Yes my expectations are high but, as a team, we ought to feel annoyed at not doing our best. We may have all sorts of excuses for not winning, as a rebuilding team with signs of improvement etc but we have no excuse for not playing our best, and that simply wasn't.

Horse might have said some encouraging things in his presser but privately he would not have been satisfied. Accepting a loss as a good effort is what teams like North and Carlton do. Hawthorn put in a really good effort in the 2012 GF but we put in our best effort. Had they accepted that a really good effort was good enough they'd have never had the motivation to win the 3-peat in the years that followed. When we met them again in the 2014 GF they produced their best effort.

So call me overly critical or tell me I ought to be praising a really good effort but I hope Horse has been drumming it into our players that they can beat any team when they give their best.


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Jun 9, 2016
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Only just had a chance to watch this game this morning. Really great stuff from the boys. A couple of players in better fitness and form and we can win that for sure. I thought Lloyd had a really good game. Plenty of excellent kicks and some really great running to be an option.

Hayward is feeling like such an almost player at the moment. Things will either click and he will turn into an absolute weapon or he will always be talented but frustrating. Here's hoping hey!

I thought you could tell that Hickey's fitness was affecting his play even if he was still very good.

In the last half where we got closer to the standard I thought Warner was playing really well. In just blown away but how much improvement and how good this kid looks.

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