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Crimson Azure

Jul 16, 2007
Mariana Trench
AFL Club
Other Teams
Lamb on the spit
  • In an epic battle, it could be argued that omgfridge had the better game against Crimson Azure - although there was very little in it. - 96m from 2 to 98
omgfridge will forever ben known to me a 'firdge magnet', he stuck to me like glue and as usual, I caved like a house of cards.

The Filth Wizard

These Meats Are Spoiled
Jul 26, 2007
The Throne
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Arsenal, Gold City Royals
Half time TV interview with Crimson Azure:

Richo: 'How would you rate your and the teams first half?

Crimson: Well the team as a whole has been sloppy but I especially like to call out Toump Ass and Proper Gander for butchering the ball. I mean, I was pathetic but at least I promised to play bruise free footy after my bender last night. I mean you just can't put that much booze into your body and have the coaches expect you to perform. The leadership group of myself, Headless, Proper Gander and TheCount has been the quintessential version of the blind leading the blind.

Richo: What about the coaching moves?:

Crimson: Field Marshall Haig had more game day moves than them. Hey, if we,ve done the exact same thing 17 times before they'll never expect it an 18th time! I'm sorry Richo, I'm not usually this positive but the fact we for the most part kicked in the right direction has me feeling we'll only lose by a few goals today and can get on the beers to rehab!

Richo: Any last comments:

Crimson: Yeah, heading to a club after the game and they better bloody provide me with a drink card, I'm kind of a big deal! And never select me in SC.
How's your inbox looking mate?


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 2, 2012
AFL Club
2 : 7.16 - <<< Muddiemoose is coming on to replace A Swallow >>>
2 : 7.26 {FB} - Nobody's checking Jake Lever.
2 : 7.3 {rBP} - Passes to Crimson Azure by hand.
2 : 7.37 {lHBF} - Kicks in the direction of Charlie Spargo.
2 : 7.41 {lHBF} - Mozzie19 drops an absolute sitter.
2 : 7.47 {lHBF} - Charlie Spargo with some space now.
2 : 7.51 - <<< A Swallow is coming on to replace Muddiemoose >>>
What did Muddiemoose get up to to be dragged after 36 seconds?

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