Sydney seat Reid to be axed in redistribution, Laurie Ferguson's career finished?

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Jun 2, 2006
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Sydney seat Reid to be axed in redistribution

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has announced that the Labor-held seat of Reid in Sydney will be abolished in the redistribution in New South Wales.

New South Wales is losing a seat and Queensland is gaining one because of population changes. The commission says it should be Reid, which long-standing Federal labor MP Laurie Ferguson has held for nearly 20 years.

If the AEC's decision is finalised, Mr Ferguson would either retire or would have to challenge for another seat - a move which is not considered likely to succeed.


Antony Green's blog post is also interesting
Odds are Ferguson will stay. He has factional clout and is apparently popular in his electorate.

Reid's been split between Parramatta (Julie Owens), Blaxland (Jason Clare) and the "new seat" of McMahon, although the latter is really Lowe (John Murphy) renamed.

If one of those were to get the flick it would have to be Murphy, who was demoted from his parliamentary secretary role earlier this year.

Another alternative is that Ferguson moves to Parramatta, which has taken the bulk of Reid.* Owens could be accomodated in Greenway, which takes in the western end of the current Parramatta, changing Greenway from a Liberal held seat into one with a healthy Labor margin.

* I think the electoral commission have goofed in discarding the name Reid. George Reid was an important federation era political figure. The only man to serve as both Premier of NSW and Prime Minister of Australia. Surely at least as important as Billy McMahon. The new Parramatta is essentially an amalgam of Reid and Parramatta. They could've chosen either name; they chose the wrong one.

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