Uncontracted Sydney Stack [OOC 2021]

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Club Legend
Jan 14, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
- Goes missing in NZ for almost a whole day on a training camp.
- Kicked out of AFL and WA Academy pathways.
- Misses an u/18 champs game for being in a fight, losing a tooth whilst being pissed on his birthday.
- Loses drivers license for drink driving.
- Overlooked in two drafts, despite clearly being a top talent and underage AA.
- Gets kicked out of a strip club whilst breaking COVID protocols, proceeds to get in a public brawl straight after.
- Breaches COVID protocols for the 2nd time, under the pretense of attending a funeral. Also proceeds to get in another drunken brawl, hundreds of KMs away from where he should be.
- Is charged with failing to comply with a police direction and breaching isolation requirements and is duly refused bail.

This is what we know of/can confirm. The scuttlebutt is and always has been that there are many, many more issues and nefarious situations Stack has found himself involved in. There are very good reasons he was not drafted.

Sure he has had some challenges in life, but the bottom line is he is a dickhead and bad news. Any talk of him being a 'good kid' and a 'community leader' is pure bullshit and there is no way around that.
We're proud of him..

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