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Kennedy Parker

Jul 9, 2015
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Hi all, just under a month to go before the footy is back! Sign-ups for the goal kicking competition is up again. There's very little effort required and you can win a shiny red and white badge
(designed by Klim) by successfully picking a goal kicker each round. Post the name of a player each week in this thread and if kick a goal that week you stay alive is the basic premise. The person who outlasts everyone else is the winner (unless we go goalless in Round 1 and everyone gets eliminated, in which case I will promptly delete this thread and pretend it never happened).

Congratulations to Jewelsbon for winning it last year in a season where it was insanely difficult to pick goalkickers. In some games there were as little as two individual goal kickers in red and white!

Past winners:
2020: Jewelsbon -
2019: sataris -
2018 II: Kirkswan -
2018 I: Angry Red Bull -



Basic premise: Select one (1) Swans goal kicker each week. If he kicks a goal you move on to the next round. If he doesn't you're out. You can't pick the same player twice. The last remaining person left that hasn't been knocked out wins.

Selections: You make your selections in this thread. Your selection must be in by the first bounce. If you pick someone twice you're eliminated. You can change your selection right up until the first bounce if you get a late vibe.

Each round you get the chance to win one Immunity Card if any of the following applies.
  • If your player kicks the first goal of the game (the game, not just the Swans' first goal) then you earn an Immunity Card.
  • If your player is the outright leading goal kicker of the game then you earn an Immunity Card.
  • If your player kicks a goal on AFL debut then you earn an Immunity Card.
An Immunity Card can be used if your selected player fails to kick a goal. It's like a Get Out of Jail Free card. You can stockpile multiple immunities.
Just like last year, everyone will start out with 1 IMMUNITY CARD as a freebie.

Late changes: If your selected player is named in the 22 but is a late withdrawal then you get whoever comes in for him. If there's more than one late change then I'll match up players alphabetically to work out who replaced who.

Forgetting: If you forget to put in a goal kicker you will be allocated the Swans player with the lowest guernsey number playing that round that eligible to be selected by you. E.g. If you have already selected Brand (2) and Stephens (3) in previous rounds (so you cannot select them again) and Clarke (4) is playing, your selection will be Clarke. If Clarke isn't playing but Warner (1) is, you'll get Warner. And so on.

Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie (the last remaining participants bomb out in the same round) we will do a countback to tally how many goals their selected players picked up until that round. The most goals wins. If still tied, the player selected who kicked the most goals in a match wins. If still tied, buggered if I know, I'll make it up in the unlikely event that happens! If we get to the end the season and there still isn't a winner we'll decide the result via tie-break.

Enjoy! Let me know if you want in here. Any questions, fire away.

Kennedy Parker
Tesla Tenet
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