Moved Thread Sydney, West Coast, Collingwood and Adelaide

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Jan 18, 2009
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You've already made a thread similar to this using the same "source":


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May 13, 2007
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WCE wheels are turning in the bandwagon stakes, up 34%.

Must be the Freagles getting back on board full time.


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Feb 29, 2004
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Really ? Another thread that shows the OP's insecurity, seemingly brought on by this years premiership.
How many times does it need to be demonstrated that Pollsters are consistently wrong ?
2016 Brexit referendum ?
2016 Presidential Election ?
2019 Federal Election ?
You do understand the pattern here, don't you ?
Every single instance above are instances where the Polls (ie Morgan) were incorrect, why should we all now assume that the this "Poll" is in anyway different.
As I said in the other thread like this, the most reliable way to gauge a clubs popularity is to use metrics that are measurable, such as memberships, and how many patrons a club attracts over a season.
Come talk to me when your club can demonstrate the latent support that Richmond has always had.


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May 13, 2012
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Strange that Richmond would lose fans in a premiership year.
Giants slowly catching North.


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Aug 22, 2009
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Strange that Richmond would lose fans in a premiership year.
Giants slowly catching North.
This one detail (and there are several similar ones) underlines one of the two reasons the Roy Morgan polls are only followed by idiots

1) the sample is far too small, which means minor changes in response rates result in massive fluctuations in supposed supporter numbers (off mem I think north had a ridiculous move one year that was even more counter intuitive than this)

2) their bar for support is ridiculously low, which is why the Storm have massive numbers in their NRL version. When the bar is lower than "have you watched a game this season" you're playing with people who like a team but don't follow it, watch it, fund it, or frankly even talk about it.

These polls are cheap and nasty, and are designed to get media attention and promotion of the Roy Morgan brand. All those articles in the press about real estate suburb rankings, hot jobs in current economy, and the vegan burger taste tests are all the same as this. Articles drafted by a PR firm which are supplied to all media outlets who cut n paste them for articles as cheap content

And for the record I think wce and pies are the biggest, ahead of the dons and then daylight, so don't give me the partisan bullshit either

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