Certified Legendary Thread Sympathy for *essendon II - 7 February 2021 marks 6000 days since * won a final / RIP T_S & D2D

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 11, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I heard he asked the surgeon to turn up the operating lights so he could work on his tan while he was under too
Should’ve just asked Jimah for a jab of the tan in a bottle.
The nurses might’ve had a bit of a giggle if he went under with a seven day boner thou.

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I never voted for trumppy!
Mar 31, 2016
Deep South
AFL Club
North Melbourne
That's a thorough in-depth and we'll articlayed analysis if ever I've seen one. I go to the footy and sometimes the team wins and other times they lose. They sometimes win well and they sometimes get slaughtered.

Well, I suppose if Foxtel, Sen, Seven and soon are prepared to pay pillocks for writing bollocks, then this becomes the norm.

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