Certified Legendary Thread Sympathy for *essendon II - MT on drug charges - *Ess loses to CFC - RIP The Scales & Dugdale2Dwyer

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May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
Apparently, they would have beaten us that year.

Wouldn't have even got close. They had injuries going into that prelim. and then copped more. We won the ressies that day by what, 112 points ? They haddda made the g.f. in '96 half those ressies woudda been playing in the seniors. Woudda needed to stop the game at 1/2 time and send the crowd home.

see see

And don't forget the joker...
May 30, 2007
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North Melbourne
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Deportivo Wanka
The saga and now corona stripped Essendon of 2 recent seasons now

Will they find a way to wipe a 3rd season off hepp and co

Salary breach next?
Not exactly a case of a golden generation having its best years unfairly snatched away.

It's not like footy fans will be standing around in pubs 20 years from now saying "You know, I just don't think we got to see the best of that squibbing, pea-hearted seagull Heppell and the game's worse for it".

As for salary cap breaches, that's a case of been there, done that for the Tullamariners.

In 1996, * were fined a record $638,250 ($250,000 in back tax and penalties, $112,000 for draft tampering and $276,250 for breaching the salary cap regulations), forfeited their first, second and third round picks in the National Draft and were excluded from the 1997 rookie and pre-season drafts after a joint Australian Tax Office and AFL investigation found that they had committed serious and systematic breaches of the salary cap regulations totalling $514,500 between 1991 and 1996, including $110,000 in 1993 when * won the premiership.

In 2003, * were fined $85,000 but did not have any points deducted after it was found that they had exceeded the salary cap by $106,000 during the 2002 season.

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