Team changes vs Port

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If you don't know what done for the season you're not very good at maths.
Big Edit: see what you're saying now. Misread your original post... Yes I basically agree with you. In the circumstances, Dixon should always have been on the team sheet for this particular game.

I thought you meant the whole season lol... Crazy days around here messing with my head. :drunk:
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Jul 4, 2017
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Feel free to explain, but unless I'm missing something, as of selection time last week we were still mathematically capable of making finals. I would assume that 'done for the season' correlates with that? ... of course, you could be referring to something else, but not sure how mathematics comes into it then.

That aside, Dixon would have added nothing to us - he would have simply been another player out there the rest of the team was carrying. That's fine, but if we were playing for wins first (except for selecting Balla but there was a clear reason for that), there was no pressing reason Dixon should have got a game before this week. He was not in good form and underdone in terms of fitness.
Don’t confuse stats with form plugger would have been unlikely to have got a kick playing as a deep forward at peel such is the game plan and skill level

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