Tennis French Open 2020- Mens and Womens

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Feb 23, 2009
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As mentioned, for those interested here are the results of the underdog French open strategy, commenced 29 September:

Total Bets: 64
Total Wins: 28 (43.75% win rate)
Profit: +10.3 Units
ROI: +16.13 %

It's worth noting the strategy was most successful up until the Fourth round, from there it evened up and was a yoyo until about the Quarters, and then from the Quarters the underdogs were not profitable and showed a small loss, not enough to lose all the earlier winnings though. Worth noting the biggest losses were from the Semi finals onwards, where 5/6 games were won by the betting favourite across the men's and women's.

In saying that, pretty solid return over a couple of weeks, not every underdog was taken, there was some screening/discretion process for example I didn't back some no chancer against Nadal and Djokovic in the third round.

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