Autopsy Thank Goodness That's Over vs Bullflogs

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Smooth Criminal

Club Legend
Sep 18, 2016
AFL Club
Disappointed in the Dogs today. Was hoping for a 120+ belting, which may have been the catalyst for real change. 34pts is enough to give them delusions of adequacy, giving them an excuse to avoid major change.
All those late goals from us killed my multi :( (had bulldogs 40+)
Well thanks for the big last f**k you of the season AFC.


Brownlow Medallist
May 17, 2009
AFL Club
Other Teams
Bickley on 5AA saying if they do an external review they need to make it public with what they actually do from the result of it, based on them doing an internal one last year and saying they were changing thing and fixing up the issues and no one knows what actually changed and we got worse results.

Mike Smyth

Oct 8, 2012
AFL Club
The Good

-M Crouch

-C Jones - see what quality time in the sanfl player does for a young player.

-Every player who played today should be on the trade table except for Fogarty, Jones, Walker, Sloane, M Crouch, Talia and Brown.

-Andy Otten

-Western Bulldogs only have 5 f/s on the list. Wow. How do non Victorian clubs get on board this gravy train.

-Jenkins - hopefully we will never see him in Crows colours again.

The Ugly

-Mackay – I hope I never again have to endure watching this useless player again.

-The coaching mistakes were continuing to the very end. Let’s put one of our few most valuable resources in Fogarty into the ruck.

-Douglas – should never have played another game for this club after a woeful GF.

-Betts – Love him but he should have retired at the end of last year. Surely he won’t go on for another year.

-Gibbs – woefully soft, lazy player

-R Knight – every game he played in the 2nd half of this year was absolutely pointless for our future development.

-5AA callers – “stick with the club because that's what true supporters do”. They make me sick.

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