BF Awards The 2016 Melbourne Board Poster of the Year

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BigFooty Tanker
Jun 23, 2011
Q49, Olympic Stand
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Newcastle United Seattle Seahawks
Just as an aside, it took us a bit...but there's one more.

The Palm Dee Or - For Non-Melbourne Supporters on the Dees board

This is a new one for 2016 which is designed to recognise non-MFC supporters' contribution to the MFC board.

For 2016, we had two winners:

VitalDread and grimlock

VD and grimlock have made a fantastic contribution through 2016 with their VFL efforts, grimlock for steadfastly posting the stats each week and VD for his highly entertaining trying-to-be-a-Dog-but-loving-the-Dees-boys reports from Casey.

Thanks for your efforts guys and hope to see plenty of you through 2017!

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