Training The 2019 preseason training REPORTS thread

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Great job! Will you do a report too later?
Not that much to report, pretty casual hitout.
First time I've been so didn't recognise all the young blokes. JK, Cripps, Shuey and one other with a hat on who i didn't get close enough to identify ran laps on the G, later JK and Cripps kicked a ball around while Shuey just milled around with the other bloke. Didn't see NN or Duggo.
The boys split into two groups, yellows going to the G and blues on the main oval ( which is in superb condition by the way) and did old school circular ball movement drills. the blues were in front of us and Petrucelle, Ryan, Shepherd, Masten, Rioli,O Allen and Gaff were all moving pretty well, skills were good as you would expect at half pace with no pressure.
Later the yellows came over and everyone split into groups of Mids, forwards and backs and did some more simple drills. After a while everyone drifted down to one end and had some goal kicking practice, Mallen and Gaff were among the last few to not have had a miss, wasn't paying too much attention so can't remember who else didn't miss, Masten maybe.
Guv and Schoey did run thrus as some of the boys left for the change rooms. Ah Chee, Nelson, O Allen with a couple of others did some in tight quick hands work while the bruddas kept having shots for goal.
As I said pretty low key but if I had pick players who shone it would be - Petrucelle and O Allen did everything right, Vardy looks in great shape, Liam Ryan looks stronger through his core and his kicking was good, Masten was clean and Josh Smith is definitely quick but didn't look like a starter. Yeo is a monster kick and got onto some nice torps.
I basically only watched the groups in front of me so didn't see much of some of the guys, oh Shep was looking good too.
The new facilities are looking smick.


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Well the new facility is coming on. Can’t wait til it’s finished

Anyway. Training.

As others have said it was a very low key session with no contact work at all and only some fairly generic ball movement drills followed by goal kicking practice. Not much to report back with other than concentrating on who was or wasn’t training

No shows :
• Naitanui - guessing he was at the ninja academy where he’s said he trains on Wednesdays
• Brooksby - I don’t think I’ve seen him at training this year possibly because he’s being a ninja with Nic or perhaps he’s done a Burrows. More likely the former
• Brander - unawares of any issues with pig so no idea why he wasn’t out there
• Duggan - departed early last week and a non starter today despite training on Monday.
• O’Neill - truth be told he was actually there but might as well have been a no show as he didn’t even last until the stretches were complete before leaving. I’m assuming this wasn’t the plan as he did put a GPS tracker on and I’ve no idea why they’d need him to wear one walking from one side of the oval to the other and back

Partial shows :
• Cripps was walking laps on the outer oval as he gets over a toe injury. No surprise with that as the club has all but admitted he will miss the opening round(s)
• Kennedy - also walking laps as the club pulls his training loads back a little. No way of knowing if this is just to manage an older body or if there’s been a setback of some sort
• Shuey - kept JK and Cripps company. Hopefully nothing serious
• Ainsworth - did rehab work away from everyone else. Still not handling the ball too much with his left hand to protect the finger he had operated on. Seadog this is the young guy in the bucket hat you couldn’t recognise. Spent several minutes with Shuey at the end of the session discussing his kicking and footwork

It’s hard to know how serious or otherwise the injuries, if any, are to the above players because
a) the club medicos seem to be ultra cautious to avoid risks during preseason so will pull a player at the slightest hint of a problem and
b) the club is notoriously coy when discussing injuries so if there is a concern with a player don’t hold your breath waiting for any info

Everyone else did the full session including players who had previously been managed like Venables, Yeo, barrass, gov, redden, Cameron, Edwards, Waterman and Williams.

A few random thoughts/observations:
• Barrass is noticeably leaner and is covering the ground better as a result. Looks far more mobile that previous seasons
• I had reservations about how soon Venables would be ready to play but after seeing him do nothing but a bit of running before today he was moving well. At one stage he gathered a half volley pass at bootlace level at 3/4 pace without breaking stride.
• Had a brief chat with the AFL’s WA based reporter, Travis King, at the end of the session. Nice fella, especially for a journo
• Gov might be sitting out contact work but he’s getting his fair share of running in so fitness isn’t going to be an issue for him
• Early on Schofield was jogging a couple of laps of the MCG with Nicoski as company. If you gave them a tin cup each you’d be forgiven for thinking they were a pair of hobos

That’s about it
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