News The 2020. Let's get (vicariously) jacked! The Pre-season training thread.

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Norm De Guerre

Left of the dial.
Mar 27, 2004
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Western Bulldogs
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Australian Farnarkling XI
I thought with pre-season training commencing today that we need a catch all thread dedicated purely to all things training and the inevitable discussion of young mens physical development, biceps increases, haircuts and new tattoos.

Please refrain from moaning about any particular player still being on the list. If you must, do it in the thread dedicated to such gripes.

All images taken from the WB fb account.


The Ferg.


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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 14, 2012
The "Elephant" in the room.
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Don't think I have ever been this hyped for a Father Son, and that includes Libba. Rhylee barely had a taste this season, hope he comes out firing next year
You must have missed the massive "Ayce Cordy" hype, I made the long drive to Williamstown to catch his debut
and asked an old guy with a program which one was Cordy he said "the tall guy next to the goal post" I said
"I thought that was the goal post" anyway lunch was quite tasty so the day was not a total waste. I wont post
what I said about Andrew Hooper who was standing next to him at the time, needless to say it was not nice.

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Premiership Player
Aug 15, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
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Chicago Bulls
Did anyone go watch? I did notice Bailey Smith nowhere to be seen in the pictures/videos. Might be carrying a niggle or something, or could be doing pre-season with the Hawks.

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