Competitions The 2021 Port Board Buddy Draft - All I Want For Australia Day is a Power Player Buddy

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Dec 26, 2013
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Port Adelaide
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Absolutely IN. I picked my favourite player Billy Frampton with pick 1 one year so hopefully I can get similar luck this year.


Team Captain
Sep 10, 2008
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Port Adelaide
Sign up below for a spot in the Buddy Draft for 2021..

"You elect to be your randomly assigned or carefully selected buddy's "special friend".
You (sort of) agree to keep that buddy's profile up on BigFooty, not so easy if they're stuck in the reserves but an occasional post about them is an order. It is OK to say the post is because you were given them in the buddy draft.
If they aren't selected for the Power say they should have been. If they are selected for the Power but don't play 100% of the game say they should have been, even if they are stretchered off at one point. If they do get 100% of game time say there were things the coaches could have done, positions they could have been put in that would have enhanced their game.
Stalk them on BigFooty, across all boards, by running a search on mentions of their name every 2 hours. Outsource this to a guy in India when you are sleeping or whatever. Ensure all mentions of your player receive an appropriate response, which paradoxically is nearly always an inappropriate response.
Do not stalk them on any other social media, and especially not in real life. That would be weird." Powerstufff

This will be the sign-up period, and I will be looking to run the draft next week along similar lines to last years. I think that it will be best to cap numbers at 50, but late-comers may beg a assigned player or draft pick off one of the other posters

As before, there will be TWO components to the Buddy Draft. The first stage, once I get 50 sign-ups, will be a random allocation of players to the first 50 posters who sign up. I will randomise the list of posters, then randomise the playing and senior coaching list to allocate each poster a Port player/coach.

The second part will be a draft, when I will randomise the same list of 50 posters to generate a draft order. These posters will then take it in turns to select a Port player or coach to buddy for the 2019 season.
There will be an assigned time for each poster to make their draft selection (eg Tues Dec 1, 12pm-3pm). You can then be assured which day and time you can make your selection. You may still make your selection in turn if the preceding posters are early, but your time WILL NOT EXPIRE before the time listed in the first post below.

So each poster will end up with TWO Port buddies. You may then trade one or both of these buddies with other posters, or be kind enough to offer your buddy or your draft selection to someone who missed out.

Please reply in this thread with "IN" or some similar acceptance, and as soon as I get the 50 respondants, I will kick this off. You can buy a buddy for a friend for Christmas, or just treat yourself!
In please.


Club Legend
Jul 31, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Just looking at the past results of the drafts can’t believe how much of a whipping boy Karl Amon was. For the 2019 draft, I took Amon at Pick 49 out of 50 picks.

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