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Jan 20, 2008
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Hello and welcome to what we like to call the 2021 Upsets Game. This was quite popular last year so we thought in the spirit of the Wilson brothers and those other guys except John Stamos let's git together and do it again.

Here's how it works.

Rather than use gambling odds we're using the world famous Squiggle aggregate. Don't know what that is? Check it out here because you'll need to keep an eye on it to make your learned selection each week. Or not. It's up to you. You can just pick a team if you want.

Each round everyone will select one team they think will win. You can change your mind as many times as you like up until the bounce of the first game of the round. Once the first ball is bounced the entire round is locked out. A screenshot of the final Squiggle aggregates will be posted as at the opening bounce just like this grab from round 1 2020:​


We'll use this as an example to illustrate how it works from there. Let's take the first game - Richmond v Carlton.

At the time of that snip 74% of tipsters were tipping Richmond and 26% Carlton - the more things change huh? If you were to select Carlton as your tip and they managed to get up, they didn't but let's just retrospectively hypothesise for shits and giggles, we go 100/26 = 3.85. 3.85 is your score for round 1. If you had selected Richmond and they had won, which they did because they're better than Carlton and more than likely still are, we go 100/74 = 1.35. 1.35 would be your score for round 1. It's that simple.

If the team you select loses or you forget to make a selection before bounce down of game 1 of that round you get zero. So the bigger the upset the bigger the potential score and at the end of the home and away season the person with the biggest total score wins. Play it safe for small yet consistent wins or pick the big upsets for the big scores or mix it up - it's up to you!

You can join the comp any time you like so no need to be in from the start. Just post your tip before the bounce.

Prizes will be a cool badge and 12 month Platinum BF for the winner and 12 month Gold BF for second and third. As if it wasn't already the best deal in town, it's even better when it's free you feel me?

Also, as the game organiser I reserve the right to add in any further rules I feel necessary if there are things that pop up I didn't foresee. It all went pretty smoothly last year though so I think we should be pretty sweet and I will not be playing so you can rest assured my decision will remain 100% impartial and above reproach.

May the best upset tipper win!

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