The 6pm Simpsons Episodes Are not getting cut...stop the panic


Norm Smith Medallist
May 3, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
Why bother watching the new eps? All you'll do is tarnish your opinion of the show by watching that crap, as opposed to the brilliant old episodes.
Brilliant as Michael Jackson or as long as the living memory

But even in the case of Michael Jackson the Rihanna generation only knows of Michael Jackson by reputation rather than experience or being in the hype of the time, and the current generation of teenagers are not raised by the Simpsons.

My generation was raised on the Simpsons and we have become unimaginative drones thanks to tv sucking out our creativity and imagination, however, from a personal standpoint - my creativity has survived

But back onto the subject of the Simpsons, the time when Groening, James L Brooks and Sam Simon stopped being associated with the show meant it was a soulless American byproduct designed to be quantity rather than quality.

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