The A-League Expansion Thread

Do you support expansion

  • Yes, for the good of the league

    Votes: 59 84.3%
  • No, the league is fine the way it is

    Votes: 11 15.7%

  • Total voters

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General Giant

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Apr 12, 2012
AFL Club

PREMIER Peter Gutwein has set his sights on getting a state-based A-League soccer team as the clock ticks down on his ultimatum with the AFL.

Mr Gutwein says no national sporting competition is complete without a Tasmanian team.

Buoyed by the state’s entry into the National Basketball League, Mr Gutwein said it was a point of pride for Tasmanian sport.

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Bob has no arms. Knock knock. Who's there? Not Bob
Nov 20, 2011
..South Australia
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Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Good, they should of been in instead of WU.
Regarding Western United, I can't see them lasting too long the way they are. No permanent home ground (yet) and there are some calls to send them down to Tasmania.

Goes along with the rumoured Manchester United takeover of Central Coast which would see them relocated to Sydney / North Sydney


May 5, 2006
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West Coast
Canberra Cosmos great, but the league won't be complete until they reinstate Eastern Pride.

Expansion in NSW seems to have followed some kind of pattern. Sydney -> Western Sydney -> Macarthur (SW of Sydney, in case Andrew Embley reads BigFooty). Given there were already teams in Newcastle and Central Coast it makes sense to target those geographic regions.

Expansion in Victoria is... interesting? Victory, generic and successful. Victorian colours, V on the jersey etc. Heart/City, generic and just an unsuccessful Victory lite and now another generic Man City feeder club. Western United are supposedly going to play in a purpose build stadium in Wyndham, but currently play in Geelong, AAMI Park, Ballarat, Tassie, wherever... Melbourne is more centralised than Sydney. If you lived anywhere East of Truganina wouldn't you just go for Victory or City? It's not like there's a team in Bundoora and another in Dandenong.

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