The AFL wants 22 teams. Name your next four.

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Mar 15, 2007
Mill Park
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North Melbourne
Other Teams
Danish Vikings
The Tasman Sea Mariners (based in Auckland - QBE stadium - and Hobart/Launceston) [NZ-TAS]
The Arafura Dugongs (based in Port Moresby, Darwin and Alice Springs) [NT-PNG]
The Coral Sea Crabs (Based in Nadi or Suva, Cairns and Townsville) [FNQ-Pacific/Fiji/Vanuatu/Solomons/Tonga....Samoa??]

the 4th - it might seem a no brainer to push a 3rd side into WA - but - a team out of India - The Greater Western Indian Imperials......[India]


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Feb 23, 2009
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Other Teams
New York Jets
Tasmania Wattles - Tassie needs a team.
Canberra Fighters - reckon the capital could probably support a team.
South Sydney Serpents/Cobras/Pythons/Snakes - I reckon more teams taps into more of the huge NSW market.
Perth Miners - I like this nickname, branding it Perth might not be the right region to target though. Bunbury maybe?


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Mar 10, 2016
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Go to 24 teams. Two divisions with relegation and separate finals systems. AFL reserves (under 22s/24s?) to complement in their own split division system (can mimmick the AFL teams for logistical ease, but preferably not, how does this work in England?).

6 new teams:

22 H+A Season, everyone players 11 home, 11 away just like when the 22 game season first started. Everyone plays everyone twice. Top 6. Div 1+2 premiers. Div 2 Grand finalists swap with Div 1 bottom 2 each season. Seems the most simple way of structuring the season. As for broadcast rights, you'd assume that most FTA games would be div 1, but the AFL could look into NFL style packages where local channels buy the rights for local team home or away games.

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Jun 2, 2009
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Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Liverpool, mew2king, Utah Jazz
this thread is lunacy. we already have at least 2 nothing clubs, why add 4 more? why add 6 more?!

what is the reason "the AFL wants 22 teams"? apart from making more money?


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Apr 27, 2008
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North Melbourne
3rd WA team

fwiw people in Newcastle (staunch NRL territory) wouldn't give two @#$% about an AFL side there


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Jan 6, 2019
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West Coast
Siberian Gulags
Greater Northern Romanian Impalers
McMurdo Sound Emperor Penguins and of course their great rivals, the Amundsen-Scott Icecaps


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Sep 27, 2014
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North Melbourne
Need to work through this era of player movement that is swayed in the favour of traditional footballing states via use of academies to promote better talent in the northern states. Once that is handled better, and all remaining clubs are stable at minimum and preferably growing then there can be the next 2 off a rank. Additionally, if the AFL keeps expanding the womens comp I do think they need to get that sorted a bit better before more AFL teams. We already have ridiculous scheduling clashes, the AFL can't be trusted to sort them out properly. Just focus on getting something right rather than rushing into expansion FFS. The AFL is incapable of running a 18 mens team and 10 womens team comp concurrently properly - why would they do any better with 20 and 14? Or 22 and 16? Hell, every mens club wants a womens team, so 22 and 22?


Tasmanian club (representing both Hobart and Launceston)
Third WA club (preferably with a regional presence)

Those trying to group a Tasmanian club with NZ are lunatics. How can a team be supported by 3 cities, like that's 3-4 games a year for each city. The best idea would be a 6-5 Hobart-Launceston split. Side branded as Tasmania, not Hobart.

From there a WA club that gets 2 regional games in WA and 9 Perth games would be my next step. Regional areas of the country have so much influence with elite talent, local comps, whole towns being based around clubs - and get a couple of JLT games and a couple of Ballarat games. Ideally this 3rd WA club is the Western Bulldogs of WA - plays the 2-3 games outside of the main city. Doesn't have to be played in Broome but if it's a 'national game', reward the areas that make it so. That includes non-Perth WA.

Then fu** expansion off and quit there. 20 teams, with 9 Melbourne, Geelong, 3x WA teams, 2x SA teams, 2x NSW, 2x SE Qld, 1x Tas. GC play 1 game a year in Cairns/Townsville, 1 JLT in the other. GWS in the ACT few games there. Encourage 2 clubs (Port, Melbourne etc) to get a game in a Darwin each year. And keep sending a game to NZ and Port to China.
The idea that an area needs a club for expansion is ridiculous. Why would you go from 1 game a year to 11 games a year in an area like Darwin, NZ, Cairns etc :drunk::drunk::drunk:

Outside of the normal areas (Sydney, Brisbane, GC, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Perth) we'd get games in:
Ballarat (2-3)
Regional WA (2-3)
Darwin (2)
Cairns/Townsville (1 + 1 JLT)
Canberra (3-4)
Launceston (4-5)
Hobart (6-7)
NZ (1)
China (1)

Plenty of growth opportunities without sending clubs into ridiculous areas where we've had average success with 1-2 games a year FFS.

Has to be a 15 year plan too.
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