Current The AFP is smashing online networks of child sex offenders

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Mar 5, 2017
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Kendall NSW partners in crime get a mention in this horrific article tonight.

'May 28, 2022 — 7.59pm'
'Other men caught up in the sting include Mid North Coast childcare worker Timothy Doyle, 27, who has pleaded guilty to a raft of charges including sexual intercourse with a person over 14 and under 16 and awaits sentencing.

His partner, 22-year-old Steven Garrad, pleaded guilty earlier this year to more than a dozen charges including sexual intercourse with a child under 10.

Paedophile rings are the focus of the AFP, who warn that child abusers come in many forms.

“It’s no longer the old school days where we have to look out for the man in the trench coat. These offenders are aged 20 to 48, childcare workers, volunteers, soccer coaches, teachers, chefs. It’s your everyday person.”

Angry Red Bull

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Aug 9, 2016
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I wanted my son to have the same sort of upbringing I had, so I got him involved in sports. First soccer. Then cricket. I even coached soccer. When he took up cricket aged about 10 a guy who played cricket at the club volunteered to be coach. He was late twenties and single and worked for Fox Sports . I was very aware and quite cautious attending every training and game. Most parents didn't attend training but I did with a couple of mums. That coach was terrific i had thought and I saw NOTHING to indicate concern. All boundaries were maintained at all times. But he we was playing the long game. After coaching the kids a few years I distinctly remember the day I went to game and the other mum who had always been to training with me pulled me aside (the coach wasnt there). She asked if I had heard about Nathan (the coach). Heard what I asked? Nathan had been caught in a sting operation organised by police officer (who was parent to one of the kids) and he had responded to online chat that turned to grooming and finally a meet up with a 14 year old boy for sex at the train station. Police nabbed him and laid charges. I was horrified. He had
built trust for several years maintaining boundaries to enable him to target teen boys (which was his long target). That I always took precautions with my son meant he would never have been alone with Nathan but I know of some of the other kids who were allowed to go with Nathan to a Sydney test match. He was the chaperone for several and about 10 went. I went with my son as part of group. At that stage I think they were 13 yo.

I learnt a valuable lesson about how much time these people take to build trust. He had my trust but as a principle I wouldn't allow him to be alone despite that. That decision kept my son from harm
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