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Premiership Player
Jun 6, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Yankees, N'Orleans Saints, Arsenal
So now we know the real reason Rance retired.
I wasn't watching, so I can't comment if it's true, but there's a lot of comment floating around that there was no social media response from teammates when Rance retired. No "What a champ", "great teammate" etc. type tweets, Insta et al.

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go you pups

Hall of Famer
Jun 27, 2013
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Tottenham Hotspur, SSC Napoli, ESH
Player of the decade
Easy, The Bont

HMs: Matty Boyd, Jackson Macrae, Dale Morris
Favourite game of the decade
2016 prelim vs GWS, real edge of your seat stuff

HMs: 2016 SF vs Hawthorn, 2016 GF (obviously), 2015 + 2016 vs Sydney away (titanic struggles both games)
Best or favourite goal of the decade
Hard to say, probably out of Bont on the run in the prelim last quarter or Boyd from long range last quarter of the GF after Morris tackled Buddy (one of our 20 free kicks that day)

*JJ very stiff not to be in here because of goaline review
Biggest disappointment
2014 players fall out with BMac, felt the club was at rock bottom, I actually emailed the club to voice my dissatisfaction at the way it was handled

However it turned out to be a massive blessing in disguise though and was the clear out that we needed
Best memory
Certain moments during the 2016 finals was pretty epic, last quarter against GWS, us running over Sydney the last ten minutes to win our long awaited flag

But I think watching us take a massive dump on 3peaters Hawthorn in the SF was pretty satisfying and from that moment I felt belief we could win the flag
Best signing
Tom Boyd

HM: Shane Biggs
Biggest flop
From the draft, Christian Howard

Thank **** Dalrymple stopped burning first rounders after that.

Trade it'd be Justin Sherman, supposed to be a cream player for us, alas he was nothing more than a role player who racially vilified a Gold Coast player and his career was pretty much done after that.
Biggest regret sold player
Most players who left us either weren't good enough/time was up, were forced out for one reason or another or wanted out, I'd probably say Coons here though, he deserved to be a one club player, we still love ya even though you were dirty with how it ended.


#freewelly #bringbackbojan
Feb 1, 2010
AFL Club
Other Teams
Tottenham Hotspur
The only thing worse than this new song is that clip of the boy band rendition of the saints song


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Manchester United
It's awful. Will be gone within a year and the old song returns.

Bird of Tokyo.... seriously. Ugh.
Unless the players are only going to sing, “We’re the Eagles, the West Coast Eagles...” part of the song because that is literally the only part they can sing (so a bit like the old song :p) and hire a band every week for the rest of it, what the hell was the club thinking?

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