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Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United
Really sad news. I was actually reading a debate about who the best South Australian footballer is the other week. Russell Ebert and Barrie Robran’s name came up the most, with some saying Barrie and others saying Russell was so great that he should have legend status. South Australia have bred a lot of the greats of our great sport.
Having never had the luck or youth to watch any of the SANFL greats play, I have always felt Ebert was the GOAT SA footballer my self..

And yes, it's no question he should be elevated to Legend Status in the Aussie Rules Hall of Fame.

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#freewelly #bringbackbojan
Feb 1, 2010
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Tottenham Hotspur
And yet you couldn't find one to link in your original post. ;)

I don't read gossip columns so hadn't seen it.
Something posted on each of the Age, FOX footy and the grubby HS and Daily Mail with a quick Google search of the keyword Hardwick, thought by now it was common knowledge over there. Probably just in the footy states though

Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
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Concussion protocols tweaked. Up til now could play 7 days after concussion if tests were passed. Now extended to 10 days, and therefore a mandatory 1 game off except for bye rounds.

Wonder how much the severe CTE Shane Tuck had has contributed to the change.

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