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Busy Vibin’
Jul 14, 2014
Southwest WA
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool, NY Jets
While I'm sitting here watching Big Dish slot a goal in the last to keep us in touch, I began thinking to myself. "Do you know what? The WC board doesn't have enough varied discussion!"

In much the same vein as @SpaceClefs critically acclaimed Subway Thread I figured we could pass the time between mediocre performances games by discussing beer and other alcoholic delights. What's this boards favourite emotional support post eagles lost drink? What are we all drinking right now? Discuss your favourite poisons, and how an irrelevant game of football has lead to such poor choices in life. Who knows, you may learn something.

*Note* I'm house sitting and the adults left me a pack of Carlton Draught. Decidedly eh, but it's going down alright.


EDIT: Thread Retitled 15/6/17- Formerly Matty's bEer & Liqour Thread (MELT.. Geddit?)
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W.C. Fry

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 10, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
49ers, Liverpool
Yeah love my IPA's but they can get on the expensive side. Just gotta tell yourself they have double the taste and double the alcohol so paying double is ok. Guess all those hops don't come cheap.

For the more mass produced IPA's i'm drinking Gage Roads Sleeping Giant. Reasonably cheap (normally about $55) and is still fairly decent. If anyone has a better option around the same price I would love to hear it.

Otherwise I normally just scan Dan Murphys weekly specials and grab a carton of something nice that is on a good special. Recent fav was Mountain Goats Attack Of The Killer Hops. Quite like Ferals Hop Hog. Can't get enough of those types of beers :)


150 game legend.
Sep 1, 2014
Perth SOR
AFL Club
West Coast
Went out last night and the dickheads put on a reply of the bloody game and neck minute I could feel me amazing the game so I bought a couple of vodka raspberries and a few Coopers sparkling ale and drowned my sorrows.

Carbine Chaos

See my Chess
Apr 1, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth Demons, Everton
Purchased a lovely Irish cream at a chocolate factory down south and sipped it in my robe with ice after the game.

Felt so fancy drinking that along with my frozen pizza and red snaggas.

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