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Oct 12, 2009
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As inspired by Silent Alarm's post a few hours ago. A place to compile great deals, be it online or at bricks-and-mortar retailers – this can include the AFL Shop, team stores, Goodscore, Rebel, Amart, Catch of the Day etc.

This is not a place to post links from auction sites such as eBay or Gumtree, nor is this board ever the place to post live auction links. Please, when posting links, add the correct source URL and also date it if necessary (screenshots/pics are handy too).

Without further ado here's some sales I've gleaned from the web today – not huge, but worthy nonetheless.

[all are dated 15/10/2015]

Approx 25% off all on-field replica guernseys, excluding Fremantle, Hawthorn, North Melb and West Coast (don't know why)
They also have a lot of just general clothing on sale, looks to be about 15% off in most cases, try your luck.

50% off 2015 Nike apparel. Note that the prices displayed on this linked page are the original prices (website bug), once you click through to the item the sale price appears. For instance, 2015 replica clash jumpers are $57.50, training tanks $35, N98 jackets $110 (they are seriously good quality)

50% off 2014 adult home and clash guernseys, about 25-30% off other 2014 items (stingy!)[]=sale&viewall=yes

30% off 2015 Adidas apparel, which means guernseys under $70

2014 Adidas home guernsey for $50

Various sales on 2015 ISC apparel, including replica adult training guernseys for $63. Unfortunately the 2015 home/clash guernseys are still at $85, although on sale it's not that great of a sale. Also has the 2014 home guernsey in limited sizes for $50.

Up to 60% off a range of 2015 ISC apparel, definitely the best deal so far. Media polos are only $40, for instance.

2015 ISC home guernsey for $60

2014 ISC home guernsey for $30!

Up to 40% off a range of apparel; 2015 Canterbury clash guernseys for $70, training tanks $35, media polos $45.

2014 ISC clash guernsey, $65

2015 ISC indigenous guernsey, $70

2014 ISC 140th anniversary guernsey, $70

2014 Richmond clash guernsey, $50

At least 35% off all 2015 ISC AFL apparel, looks like nearly 50% in some cases. Training shorts/tanks $39, wet weather jackets $54, etc.

Always good for a fire sale are NB, they have 2015 Melbourne FC home and white clash guernseys for $55, training pants for $45 and media polos for $42.,en_AU,sc.html

Add any more sales here when you find them :)

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Apr 23, 2012
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Norm Smith Medallist
May 3, 2014
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