Resource The Bargain Bin: footy's best merch sales

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Team Captain
Apr 20, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Vancouver Canucks, Southampton FC
Saw a gold AFL logo West Coast jumper in a large, in a Rebel today for $45. Certainly doesn't match that of Jim Kidd, but $45 at Rebel did suprise me.

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Club Legend
May 28, 2010
AFL Club
West Coast
They were selling legitimate PI's for $60?!
Yep, just the home and clash, no ‘as-seen-in-the-Grand-Final’ aways, but an almost whole set of home and clash, $60 each, first in best dressed. Those who got there early had first pick so I think someone who waited outside for them to open picked up McGovern, Shuey, Barrass etc for $60 each.

I got there a bit later so no superstars left but I was happy nonetheless.

They had PI cut ones with no number on the back for $60 as well, never sure why they make those.

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Saint Mick

Senior List
Sep 26, 2012
AFL Club
St Kilda
Jim Kidd has a new shipment of 2020 ISC Saints gear in - pretty much the full range but not a lot of sizes. Bought my little boy a toddler guernsey set for $10, not bad considering they were $80 originally

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