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Nov 12, 2010
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Good deal. Although, the 2021 guernseys are where it's at, they dropped the BHP logo on the front, and the Swannies logo on the front is sublimated, not heat pressed like it is on the 2020s.
Agree with you there. Loved what they did in the last round with the 1961 inspired jumpers too - that was a great tribute.

The heat-pressed logo on the 2020 guernseys confuses me.

Nickimus Rex

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Mar 30, 2014
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Brisbane Lions
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Dolphins, Seattle Kraken
Cotton on has some good deals on official merch at the moment, including hoodies for about 25% of the normal price, not a bad time to buy if you need! picked the missus up a Lions fashion wrap (although interestingly i can't see the Lions one on the website anymore).

A lot of this stuff is still up, I received mine in the post and impressed with the quality. The only one that wasn't 100% obvious online is shirt with a shield on the pocket, the shield is cracked as a design style (bit miffed but it was cheap). Annoyingly there is some stuff in stores that isn't online - my partner found a tartan Essendon jacket, but nothing for any other teams in store and was told it was all online.

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