Review The beating - what effect will it have

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Jul 21, 2005
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Western Bulldogs
The response by our team to the GWS onslaught was so pathetic is was nothing short of embarrassing.
I'm sure everyone is with me in saying that we were horrified to see the treatment that Bont got without one teammate standing up for him and flying the flag.
I have absolutely no doubt that it will be the watershed game that makes this team great.
No self respecting Bulldog could look at themselves after that game and ever let that happen again.
That was an absolute disgrace, it made me want to throw up!
If they don't come out bigger and tougher next year after that then they are not serious.
If you teammate is getting pushed around you go over and get in his opponents face, grab his f#$%ing jumper and let him know that he picks your mate then he's picking you and the rest of the team.
This game was a reminder that footy is war and a big boys game.
Grow a set of balls Bulldogs!

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Jeff 1975

All Australian
Mar 29, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
In the aftermath of the weekend's game I've been wondering what scars it might leave moving forward. The title of this thread is of course a dual one. We were beaten on the scoreboard and took a physical beating as well.

The Demons capitulation to West Coast last year appears to have had a profound impact on that group. Their fall from grace has been astounding, although I'm sure there were other factors such as injuries etc. Still, it made me wonder how badly our young team's confidence has been damaged moving forward.

While Melbourne were put to the sword on the scoreboard in the most devastating way, the Dogs were physically bullied and the score was almost secondary, a result that flowed on from GWS rubbing our faces into the dirt, literally and figuratively. While I feel that we have a right to be very angry about the lack of protection that our ball winners received from the umpires (rubber-stamped by the tribunal), what's done is done.

Where to then from here? Does the current group simply 'move on' or are there going to be some longer lasting scars? We are essentially a team of ball-players and have been so since after the days of Terry Wallace as coach and the 'them or us' pack mentality that came about under his tuition.

We are a young team (the youngest side fielded in round 23) who failed to make a stand on the big stage. Not just a stand on the scoreboard. We failed to stand up for each other. I'm not saying that we should have engaged in similar tactics, but at some stage you need to look a bully in the eye and say enough is enough.

We didn't do that. We stuck to our game plan, stuck to the script of the disciplined ball-winners while our opposition rained elbow after elbow down on our necks and heads after each tackle. We were bullied and didn't fight back.

I wonder how you move on from here. Is there going to be a sense of shame or doubt that we carry with us for the next few years? Does a victim always remain one?
Well we haven’t done well in the past (poor record in finals)

The Hawks smashed us in 85

We couldn’t get over Adelaide, Geelong or St Kilda

Done well over Sydney & North (few and far in-between)

Will this be defferent?

Hope so

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