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Jul 16, 2011
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West Coast
Brad Smith and Big Laurie Keene were the 2 for me. Both had it all before them, and could have been anything.
Sorry to bump this. Only just noticed.

Laurie Keene is my favourite footballer of all time. He was awesome for Subi. For those too young he was a left footed Dean Cox who had the agility and skills to dummy around midfielders and have a few bounces.

I recall a game at Waverley where he was running through the centre square, selling dummies and being an extra midfielder.

He also kicked the first Eagles goal ever against Richmond in the first game.

His performance in the 1988 WAFL GF was epic. He was a 200cm midfielder who gained a lot of impactful possessions breaking lines.

He also kicked 70 goals and one year for Subi.

He would have been up there as one of the Eagles all time legends.
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