The best young ruckman???

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Feb 9, 2020
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Who is currently the best young ruckman going around.

the contenders:

Sam Draper
Tom Dekoning
Sean Darcy
Tim English
Ivan Soldo
Darcy Cameron
Peter Ladhams

I’d go with the following 1-3
1. English - clearly number 1
2. Darcy - exposes form but losing ground rapidly
3. ladhams - great year before his covid issues.

TDK imo will go past a few in 2021 if given the opportunity. Has a lot of attributes that puts him in the conversation already.

criteria should be under 25 for the classification of young ruckman.
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The umpires are always right!
Sep 27, 2008
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Great ruckman but isn't he 24?
He would still be considered a young ruckman and the OP included Soldo who is also 24 and English who is 23.

He should be better, the ruck is such a physical position and Marshall has two years development on English, three years on Darcy and Ladhams.
Marshall only started playing as a fulltime ruckman last year, prior to that he played mostly as a forward and was in and out of the team.

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The Passenger

Mr. Mojo Risin'
Mar 25, 2003
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None are really that great to be honest.
After seeing some classic ruck duels over the last decade and a half from Cox, Sandilands, Gawn, Grundy, Goldstein, NicNat, Ryder, Mumford, Kruezer it doesn't feel like the under 25's of today are going to stack up anything close to them.

Linda Lovelace

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Apr 24, 2013
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Anyone 26 and under = potential superstar yoof. Anyone reaches 29 = prepare to send out the sandmen from Logan's Run. It's just football age science according to Bigfooty.

Ruckmen always take a long time to develop, apparently, as long as you conveniently ignore the fact that most of the best ruckmen are already elite players by the time they are 23.

But don't you worry about facts, folks. If your 25-year-old whippersnapper kind of sucks, don't you worry, he will definitely be a superstar when he is 28. It can't possibly be that he just kind of sucks. Collingwood is aiming to get Josh Fraser properly filled out in to his body by the year 2039.


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 29, 2006
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English for me. Needs to improve his ruck work though. Ladhams TDK Darcy Draper all following but rucks can take until 25 or so to really break out.

My current rankings of who’ll be best. Mind you after English I find they’re pretty even.

Luke Jackson really impressive but too early to tell where he falls at this point. But I’ll be surprised if he isn’t as good as these guys in 4-5 years


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 19, 2012
Minas Morgul
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Don't even think English should be main ruck. If Bev had any common sense he would trade in a number one ruck and utilise English as a second ruck/utility.

English's marking/skills/athleticism for his size shouldn't be wasted trying to grapple with the big rucks. Instead he should be allowed to roam across the park.

Imo he could easily be the best 2nd ruck/utility in the competition. It's arguably the most difficult position to play.


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Sep 21, 2005
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I’m surprised at the English love here. At times I’m not sure he’s an actual ruckman , just a very tall skinny footballer.

He will be much better in coming seasons. He says he finds it very difficult to put on muscle during the season, he eats 1kg yoghurts and 2l Big Ms but he stays skinny. Unlike me.

I like Soldo

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