TV The Bi-Bachelorette Australia

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Sep 12, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda
I think it becomes a prett insular world, we lived in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for about 18 months, a lot of the reality stars end up there for host of reasons (Abbie just moved there from Brisbane recently) and they tend to party alot together. Used to see bach, mafs, love island etc. peeps together. No doubt some of it is strategic (if they’re seen together it extends their notoriety).

On the cultural part of last nights broadcast (do you know what land you live on) a little anecdote.

As part of my job I do acknowledgement of countries and more recently acknowledgements of experience (trigger warning sort of stuff) and I got called out by someone in a meeting one day for reading from a script and not actually giving the acknowledgement the gravity it warrants. It was pretty embarassing for me but I spoke with the person afterwards and committed to personalizing and internalizing the acknowledgments. I did some research and spoke to a few of the resources we had to write a better acknowledgement of country that meant I actually knew whose land I was on and some of the history of that. It was honestly a really important experience for me and I’d encourage everyone to at the very least do a Google of the traditional owners of the land you live on, if nothing else so you can say you know.

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Jul 2, 2005
AFL Club
To recap over the years:
- Tim and Anna: married + kid
- Blake and Sam: didnt last a day
- Sam and Sneezer: married + kid
- Sam Frost and whoever: lasted a year
- Sophie Monk and whoever: "lasted" a few months
- Honey Badger: went rogue chose no one
- Matt and Chelsie: lasted a few months
- Richie and Alex: lasted idk 6 months?
- Locky and whoever: still together
- Georgia and whoever: married or getting married
- The two sisters: did not last
- Matt and Laura: married + kid
- The Pilot and Holly: still together?

- Brooke and The Prince: stay tuned.

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