The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

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What does that even mean?
This'll sap the life out of the joke but uh basically there's a joke here about Pep's football being "woke" and hoofing it forward, big centre forward type stuff being "proper, Brexit" football, and using Dyche in this obviously fake quote meme ties in well. Calling something woke as a joke also applicable to anything footy related that seems modern/progressive like saying head coach instead of manager.

Look the image gets a good run in my group chats. Maybe it doesn't translate well to the ocker Liverpool thread mb mb.

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Adam Lewis, Melkamu Frauendorf, Mateusz Musialowski, Nathan Giblin, Francis Gyimah, Niall Osborne and Cody Pennington all released.

Contract offers have been made to Adrian, and Academy keepers Jacob Poytress and Reece Trueman.

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Season 3 Nbc GIF by Manifest
Where is Slot?
C'mon, it's not that Darwin is poor, it's only the wonderful chances he misses.

Having said that, it was nice to see him to a "Kuyt hat trick" with three tap ins for Uruguay.
A few linking us to Ederson from Atalanta atm.

I seen that. Would be a good #6 for us if it works out.

Ederson/Mac/Szo midfield excites me with Baj/Curtis/Endo/Elliot/Clark as depth. Personally don't see a way back for Carvalho, best to sell and get a good price. Morton maybe another season long loan would be ideal but must be a PL side. Otherwise sell him.
Jaros made a sub appearance in Czech Rep 7-1 win vs Malta.
Trent and Gomez made a sub appearance in England's 1-0 loss to Iceland.

Robertson with an assist in Scotland's 2-2 draw with Finland.
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