The Bigfooty Official Week 10 NBA thread

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Why do the Lakers want to do anything. Don't over-react to a 4 game stretch.

They've been great.
Between those 3 they are paying them less than $8M this season.

Incredible value.

There's really not much they can do.

They've got a good team that at worst is the third favorite to win it all.

Every team has weaknesses.
This. Especially a stretch where LeBron and AD have been less than 100% physically.

I would hold fire for another month at least.

What's been lost in their good start is that they're still trying to work out where everyone fits, work Kuzma and Rondo back in after injuries, and so on. Give it more time to settle before panicking and trying to shift things around.

At their best, they've got enough to seriously contend as it is.
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