The Bigfooty Official Week 15 NBA Thread. Where we lost a universally adorned legend - Kobe Bryant.

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Yeah they have about 5 first rounders and some solid vets

No way they should be this bad
Nearly 60% of their cap is being used on dead contracts though.

Huerter, Hunter and especially Reddish are still too young and to help much with winning. Plus they lost Collins for 25 games with the doping violation, they're a lot more competitive with him playing. Albeit they still badly need some interior defensive help.

They should be fine though. No bad contracts, $85 million in cap space for next season and plenty of draft capital in the bank. They just need to spend wisely.
Lillard still cooking.
Sometimes those player of the week/month awards are kinda 'meh'.

Fair to say Lillard has earned whatever he gets this season though. Untouchable at the moment.

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