THE BOARD. PAFC DIRECTORS ( the good the bad and the ugly)... can they save us?

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Mar 10, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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Man Utd, Celtic, Tanunda
The stats have always looked good.. posting a winning score hasn't. If the board fell for that we are in bigger s**t than I thought we were.
Stats that matter are ladder position, games won, treading water instead of improvement, losing the same way consistently, membership numbers, scoring efficiency, etc.

Lockhart Road

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Mar 26, 2013
Happy Valley Bar & Grill, Hong Kong
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Port Adelaide
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Port Adelaide Magpies
I hope it's you just because how much it would annoy Kochie
Thank you. But I have better things to do than listen / not listen to a five-hour chairman’s monologue once per month. I have my Spotify playlist to constantly work on, get it just right for my volunteer p.m. septuagenarian DJ performances from Pro Drinkers Corner downstairs. I have my Supercoach team to perfect. I have ... er ... will get back to you on that one.

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5 Wins In-A-Row Certificate Recipients '13/'14/'18
Mar 9, 2003
Queen St & Peter Rd
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Port Adelaide
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